Thursday, August 26, 2010

New Rules for Electrics

Well as we get closer to the comp the II's get dotted and the TT's get crossed. 
There are some new local rules for Electric Flyers at the 2010 AOCC F3A Championships by the CIAM Bureau. 

 In accordance with the F3 R/C Aerobatics Subcommittee and the CIAM Bureau we have released two “Local Rules” for this Championship.

They read as follows:

Local Rules:

Due to safety reasons there are two local rules in place during the AOC 2010:

•    For electric powered models, the electric power circuit(s) must not be physically connected, before the competitor is instructed to start his 8- minutes flight time and must be physically disconnected right after landing.

•    The propulsion system(s) must automatically shut-off or fully idle at the moment a R/C signal failure should occur.

Cheers for Now....

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