Ron Schulz - Pilot

Name: Ronald Schulz
Age: Older than Some Younger than Others.
Fly Class: F3A
Model: X-Treme Composite Proline
Motor: Its an Engine thank you YS-DZ160
Speedy: The Stick on the right hand side. Mode 1.
Radio: Futaba 14MZ  (Nothing but the best!!!)
Servos: All Futaba Brushless, simply amazing and a little JR on the Throttle 
Batteries: Cool Power 25% High Viscosity. Smooth...
Prop: APC not for electric.


Ron is a man of many disciplines and has been flying Pattern for nearly 30 years. Ron’s First F3A plane was a Curare.
Ron holds an Instructors Licence and has encouraged many new pilots into the Pattern Fraternity.
Ron has competed at all levels in IMAC and F3A.
Ron’s dedication to flying has seen him on various committee’s and organisation groups that have hosted some fabulous events.

This sport needs more Rons..