Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Well, happy endings for Glenno

Sorry for not posting in the last couple of days. We have had no internet connection for the last couple of days. GGGGRRRR everybody has been annoyed to say the least. Either way we are back. Anyway we'll do some quick catch ups.

Model processing went perfect for everybody, no issues at all. Definately pays to do your homework here.

Official practice went really well for everybody, no engine issues for Ron and Chris's speedy kept it's cool. And Glenno was cool taking it all in his stride.

The offical opening went off with lots of load banging literally, imagine half a dozen guys hitting the tops of 44 gallon drums, loud is an understatement. It all went well with lots of entertainment, ask Darren and Fossil, they kept us all amused. Definately a very sociable atmosphere, the locals have gone to great lengths to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Anyway now onto some proper flying.

Round one!!

Ron was up 3rd and put in a good soild flight in really good conditions. Ron was pretty chuffed. Glenno was up next straight after Onda, at least there was a break. Glenno wasn't too happy with his flight but we all thought it was still a soild flight, just what is needed. Chris was up later in the morning, by this time the wind had comeup some, not bad mind you. This was a pretty solid flight, with some room for improvement.

Round two, (Sounds like a boxing match)

First victim Glenno, wasn't too happy, flopped the stall turn at the end of the box. Not happy Jan!!!. This was the one to drop. Plenty of room to improve. Chris was up next, with a scrappy flight, bit messy, not one to keep. Ron was up next, with a very similar flight, but with some big fat zero's on the spins, Ron is still learning to count. There is still hope with two to go. hanh in there Ron.

Round three, (ding, ding)

Chris was up early this time, if you call 8:51 early that is. Unfortunately he was caught unware and unprepared.(was in the ready box but mentally not) Needless to say it wasn't pretty. Enough said. Ron was up next this time with two zero'd manuvers, not good. You can't afford any donuts at this level. Ron was definately trying hard enough. Glenno was up next with a really good solid flight, awesome stuff indeed.

Round four

After lunch it was Ron's turn again, what a disaster (not my words LOL) Ron's motor gave it's all but to no avail. Unfortunately it was Ron's worst flight. Glenno next, backing up his earlier efforts. Good stuff, looking good. Chris was lucky last and put in a solid flight, no major stuff-ups just a good solid flight.

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  1. Hi Guys - Great to have you back on line. And what is wrong with zero's - some of us have them well practiced!