Chris Swain - Pilot

Name: Chris Swain
Age: Old enough to know better
Fly Class: F3A
Model: John Payne design "Cyclone"
Motor: C-50 14XL Competition
Speedy: Master Spin99
Radio: Futaba 14MZ (Nothing but the best!!!)
Servos: All Futaba Brushless, simply amazing
Batteries: ThunderPower, PolyQuest, Rhino's
Prop: APC electric 20x15, not enough ground clearance for my RASA


I started pattern flying in November 1992, and i have been competing ever since.
I have constructed 8 aircraft over this time and purchased two others. Geez, been flying over 18 years in pattern and i've had 10 models, where'd they go!
My current model Cyclone is the my third one (Must be a pretty good model). This one is starting to get on a bit now, she's nearly 3.5 to 4 years old young. Still a goody.
I am waiting to finish my new John Payne Tempest.

Main Achievements:

1st place Australian Masters 2010
1st place Model Aeronautical Association of Australia Nationals 2010
67th (That sounds bad) place F3A Championships Portugal 2009
3rd place Australian Pattern Association Championships 2009
2nd place Australian Pattern Association Championships 2008
3rd place Trans Tasman (Australia New Zealand) 2006
1st place Australian Pattern Association Championships 2001

And plenty of other dust collectors over the years.