Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Flying in general

Flying Styles!!!!

The models where flown to the conditions, a little closer and slower in the calm, moving it out slightly and a little bigger when the wind got up. Distances where around the 150 to 175meters with a nice slow rolling in the maneuvers. With lots of throttle management. Speed control was paramount. This presented awesomely. Speed was very constant, with no noticeable zooming on down lines. I suppose having a dirty great paddle on the front helps. No aircraft was underpowered, with good reliability considering the extreme heat and humidity.

From memory YS 170 users where using the APC 20x10.5 prop, this gave a nice slow flight and slow down lines. Verticals where effortless, barely a wiff of smoke with their Cosmo low oil content fuels. They where using the YS170 non CDI. Weight???? I know Onda's Asyuler was a light 4600 grams, amazing.

In Suziki's MidRex we spied the OS200 but this time with a CDI attached, this too performed beautifully. The bi-planes do present very nicely (only two bipes present). They look they are on rails, rolling very axially. I also think they perform very good in the integrated rolling looping maneuvers.

The rest of the field was a mix of the typical YS and electric set-ups. Probably more Hacker C50-14XL's than anything else. Not a sole Plettenburg to be seen, don't know why.

Hatta was flying a Extreme Composite Pegasus. This was powered by the Hacker Q80 outrunner. What was unusual was the propeller selection, he used an own design wide bladed 19x13. Very interesting considering the Hacker has a low rpm/volt. Compared to other outrunners on the market.

One notable exception was Micheal Ramel(Germany) flying a Wind S. This was powered by his own designed contra rotating prop system. It uses the Hacker motor and that's about it. Micheal had a couple of unfortunate mishaps. One forgetting to strap his battery pack in, he managed to land the model safely, thank goodness. (the locals are probably worshipping this wonderful gift from the gods!!!) And secondly he suffered some sort of power plant gearbox failure, not too sure. Didn't sound too nice though.

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