Sunday, September 19, 2010

Team update slight set back

During the afternoon we had the chance to check out the offical flying area, what an awesome spot. It doesn't get any better than this. How often do you see the centre and end pole mounted out in the ocean (sea). Talk about dedication( photos later) The turn around on the right hand side will be over the local villiage, mmmmm, MAAA eat your heart out. This is the mornings flight.
Then in the afternoon we have the pleasure of flying over Bacelod's main higway into town. You can cleary see this when arriving at the field, when you see a model decending vertically towards your car!. Definately takes some getting use to.

Engine not purring any more

All in all a pretty eventful day. With a bit of luck we will have Ron's motor purring once again. Time will tell, with the offical practice tomorrow morning. The Kiwi's where also having their fair share of engine dramas also. The climate is making it tricky, having a different blends of fuel is also tricky. With a bit of luck these guys will have it all sorted. The fuel is okay, we just have to get our heads around it.Ron is running 5% less nitro than at home and appears to have the same power.

Ron's model was extremely quiet when unofficially noise tested ( just because it wasn't running!!)

Chris has had his first ever electric dead stick, not good. Realised it was the speedy shutting down due to over temperature. Probably my fault anyway as i was on an extended flight. But boy is it hot here, and the humidity is through the roof. Pretty confident it won't happen again. Batteries here are working awesome, not need for the hot box here. Chris has never had this much power before, with the batteries showing extremely low resistances.

Glenno had two uneventful flights, and is happy with how things are shaping up.

Caught a glimpse of Hatta's Q80 hacker, boy what a monster, didn't realise how big it was. Heaps of power and wisper quiet. Need a huge airframe too contain this baby. Have got some photos to post later, just have to find away of getting them off Chris's camera.

We have caught some flying of Suzuki's Mid Rex biplane, very pretty indeed. Using OS200 for power it definately wasn't lacking.

Tomorrow morning we go out for our one and only official practice flight. Us Aussies are the first off the blocks. Then straight away we are off to model processing, not expecticing any problems here. We had the chance to use their scales and noise meters etc. Brilliant!!

It seems they are going to be rally tuff on the electrics, they want to see we have our failsafes set on the throttle. Makes sense, last thing you want is a runaway pattern model, just ask Painey.

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