Saturday, September 18, 2010

Away we Go.

1stly Sorry for the lack of update it has been crazy here and that is not only on the roads.

We have arrived trouble free Swainy had a little bit of damage to the mount of the Motor but all fixed and he has had a couple of good flights. No Excess all the way through and awesome service from both Cathay Pacific and Philippine Airlines. More about that in the final report. 

Ron has had some YS trouble with a leaking Gasket after getting Mr YS (Mr Yamada) to give it the official YS blessing it is running like a dream. Ron has now had a couple of flights and the engine is purring.

Glenno has run a couple of packs through and is looking good.

If this is not the City of smiles I would be surprised. The people here are all incredibly helpful and cannot do enough for you.

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