Thursday, September 16, 2010

At the Airport

Checking in at the airport. With help from our team manager stretching the truth a little we managed to get the model boxes and luggage onto the aircraft without any excess charges.
Thanks to the great Cathay staff Joseph anf Kerri, who also helped get us into the Cathay lounge.
See the picture attached with the newest member of the team Joseph.


  1. you look a sorry bunch of guys! Just jokes, hey wheres swainey in the pic? Good luck guys, wishing you all the very very best weather and winds.....


  2. Hi guys. where is your daily blogs? I am hanging here. Whats the weather like? Anyway I hope all goes well today in practice. Go Swainy Gleno and especially Ron, the only guy on the team with a real engine(even if it is a YS). Hey Ron at least you have Onda and Naruke to help you with your engine if anything should not work well.

    Good luck guys. The good luck is you have no bad luck.

    Steve Coram